IMG_0968Parents will appreciate that regular attendance at school is a major contributor to academic progress.  We know that in most cases when children are absent it is for genuine reasons, however when attendance issues give us cause for concern, we are required investigate.

This usually takes the form of a standard letter that is generated when your child’s attendance drops below 90%.  However, where persistent absence becomes an issue we are bound by law to take steps to ensure that all children are able to access and receive a high quality education.

Our children’s attendance is not as good as it should be and we will continue to work with every parent to ensure that their child’s attendance is as high as possible and this will include inviting parents to attendance panels to discuss issues which might be preventing their child from having the highest attendance possible.

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Attendance Grid

Legal Intervention

Any pupils who has an attendance of 85% or less with at least 15% unauthorised absence over a 6 week period, will meet the criteria for legal intervention which could be in the form of a Fixed Penalty Notice. Attendance below 90% over a 12 week period (where this is unauthorised holiday during that time) will also meet the criteria.

If a Fixed Penalty Notice is issued it is a fine of £60 per parent per child which must be paid in one payment in 21 days, if unpaid a further invoice of £60 per parent per child is issued, both individual invoices would then have to be paid. Failure to pay the total amount within the timescale would result in legal action being taken.

Our aim is to ensure that our pupils receive the most from their education and I hope we can count on your support in this matter.

May I take this opportunity to remind parents that you should notify school on the first morning  and every morning of absence, either by phone call, a letter or in person if your child is unable to attend school for any reason. I am not permitted to authorise day trips and outings, or annual family holidays where it is not possible for these to be arranged in school holiday times.

Absence During School Time

You are required under the Education Act (1996) to ensure your child attends school regularly. Before completing an application for leave we would advise that you consider very seriously how the absences will affect your child’s education.  National statistics show 10 days absence in any academic year does have a negative effect on attainment.  Schools are not obliged to provide work for students taking leave of absence, however some schools may choose to do this.