Welcome to Wroughton Junior

Dear Parents/Carers

The new school year is now almost 1/6 of the way through and so much has happened already.  You will have heard that the school will become an academy on 1st December so big changes are on the way.  Creative Education Trust will take over running from then and the new Executive Headteacher, Dr Craig Avieson will join the school in January 2017.  I will remain as Interim Headteacher on a part-time basis until then so we will continue to maintain our focus on improving every aspect of our work. Do keep following our progress by looking up our website to find out what is happening in school.

Watch out for new information in the following sections:

Useful Information – this is a quick access point to everyday information that you might need.

Year Groupsnewsletters and blogs are kept here for each year group. The Blogs will give you running information about the year group and what they are up to.

Curriculum – plans showing what the children will be learning across the year

Attendance – there is an updated section on attendance which advised parents/carers

Punctuality – advice on the importance of getting your children to school on time

British Values – this section has been updated

Parent Support Adviser (PSA) – information on the role and how Mrs Nichols can help you

School Policies – these have been updated

Please let us know what you think of the website and what we could do to improve it.

Brendan McCarney
Interim Headteacher

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